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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing information about your website and its content so that search engines can properly catalog your site pages for search results. There are many facets to improving your website changes of being found by your target customers and market. We will provide an initial analysis of your website and make recommendations for optimizing your site for SEO. That is just an initial setup. Long term SEO is an ongoing process of analyzing and modifying a website’s content to improve its performance. We can provide ongoing SEO analysis for your site after your initial setup.

If you have a WordPress site or your site is hosted by services like Squarespace, we will work with you.

Every project is different and it depends on many factors such as do you have content or media assets already or not? Will new content, media or design elements need to be created, etc.? We have a process but the most important is the first phase, where we discuss your goals, outcomes and evaluate what needs to be developed for your site. Small scale projects can take 2-3 weeks. Larger projects can 4+ weeks.

We understand that things happen, which can impact making deadlines. We will make a best effort to keep your project on schedule but it could get delayed due to things such as the other clients project deadlines or any dependencies related to your feedback deadlines.

We will define what is needed from your at the beginning of the project before any work begins. We will have check-ins along to way to provide you updates and solicit your input before moving to the next phase of the project.

There are many factors that go into providing a cost proposal. Everyone’s situation and requirements are different. We will base our proposal based on factors for your particular needs and desired outcome.

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