Our Approach

Our collaborative process is designed to create a plan around clearly defined goals and desired outcomes for your website or digital marketing project.

Exploratory Phase

Our initial step in the process is an interview to understand things such as your brand, short and long term goals, and identifying the outcomes you want to achieve with your site. Based on this initial exploratory phase, we will develop a project proposal. We seek to understand the following to provide guidance in the proposal and project requirements development.

  • Understand company history, brand and vision
  • Understand current marketing challenges
  • Understand previous and current marketing activities
  • Clarify project objectives and expected outcome

Clarification Phase

Our initial step in the process is an interview to understand clarify things such as your brand, the messages you want to present to your market and develop a content strategy. We will also clarify website features and functionality needed to support your project. We will partner to:

  • Create or clarify your unique selling proposition
  • Clarify target market and users, and their needs
  • Clarify and/or define your value proposition(s)
  • Content strategy and information architecture discussion
  • Clarify competitive landscape
  • Features and functionality requirements

Initial Design & Message Flow Phase

Based on the outcome of the Clarification phase, we will create an initial design proposal and messaging recommendation. In this phase, we will:

  • Initial webdesign mock-up
  • Review unique selling proposition options to support your brand
  • Review landing page user story flow and messaging
  • Assets and content delivered by client for integration into final design
  • Implement back-end features and functionality

Refine Design Phase

After the Initial Design & Message Flow phase, we will implement customer feedback and revisions.

Final Build and Delivery Phase

After we have completed the final development iteration, we deploy your project for live launch and transfer control of your website to you.

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